Jamie McKelvie (kenix) wrote,
Jamie McKelvie

Things and stuff

Now that the dust has settled from San Diego, I am back into the swing of things, working on a) Phonogram 2, b) some more Kudos stuff, c) commissions (I seem to be spending more time on each one than intended, but it means they turn out nice), d) t-shirt designs for Urban Species and e) other stuff. Busy busy. So, to keep you amused:

Out in December. We've started a thread on it at Whitechapel. Feel free to join the discussion.

A commission of the Huntress and the Question:

And finally, a plug for a friend. Canada's most awesome Katie, Katie West, is having a FINAL EVER print sale to help with moving and wedding costs. Go here to view prints and find out how to order. Warning: Not worksafe.

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